Welcome to Babylon.js 5.0

Our mission is to create one of the most powerful, beautiful, and simple Web rendering engines in the world. Our passion is to make it completely open and free for everyone. We are artists, developers, creators, and dreamers and we want to make it as simple as possible to enable everyone to bring their ideas to life. This is an important milestone for the Babylon.js platform. Babylon.js was named with a deep love and admiration of one of the greatest sci-fi shows of all time, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of the next version of the Babylon.js platform. Babylon.js 5.0 is quite simply the biggest, boldest, and most ambitious update to the platform to date. From full support of WebGPU, to the ability to deploy experiences across platforms with Native Capabilities, to more tools, features, and improvements than you can count - Babylon.js 5.0 ushers in the next generation of web rendering technology for everyone.


New PBR nodes added to node material editor.
Illustration of laptop, desktop computer, tablet, and phone.

Cross-Platform Native Development

Space Pirates Demo

3D render of starfighters in a space battle near asteroids
A curve graph window showing animation curves from an animated 3D object and tools to edit or play the curves

Animation Curve Editor

Performance Profiler

A line graph showing various data points about a 3D scene like frames per second and draw calls
Tall blocks with brightly-colored edges in blues and greens.

Unlimited Morph Targets

GUI Editor Beta

An editor window showing creation of a graphical user interface
Render of a transparent pink dragon statue in front of transparent red and green spheres

Order Independent Transparency

WebXR Advancements

Phantom hands display for hand tracking in VR.
A Lego pirate ship circling a swirling whirlpool of stylized water

New Node Material Nodes

glTF Updates

A 3D button menu with a clicked button to change a sphere color to teal
A 3D button menu with a clicked button to change a sphere color to teal

Mixed Reality Toolkit for Babylon.js

Asset Librarian

A stylized yeti character as a 3D model
A 3D model of a boom box colored red through a shader

Material Plugin Manager

Dev Stories Documentation

Babylon.js logo with documentation graphic.
Book cover for Going the Distance with Babylon.js with images of a planet and space ships.

Going the Distance with Babylon.js

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

We don't take it lightly when we say that Babylon.js is fully-featured. Dive in to see how far this rabbit hole goes!