Welcome to Babylon.js 6.0

Our mission is to build one of the most powerful, beautiful, simple, and open web rendering engines in the world, and we are excited to announce the next step forward in that journey: the release of Babylon.js 6.0. This new version brings a smorgasbord of performance improvements, rendering enhancements, and exciting new features that you will NOT want to miss.

New Physics Plugin from the Havok Team

A speedometer graphic showing with the needle near 120 and showing the unit FPS at the bottom

Performance Priority Modes

Fluid Rendering

A container of water splashing around
A robot posing with arms outstretched on a smooth surface which is reflecting the image of the robot.

Improved Screen Space Reflections

Texture Decals

A sphere made of old and broken brick with spray painted dots of various colors with paint running down the brick from them and a graffiti tag of a letter B painted on it.
A 3D render of a lamp with an iridescent glass material making up a sphere for the lamp body and a grey shade with a shiny reflective interior.

New glTF Extensions Support

Node Material Ray Marching

A node graph block showing Ray Marching as the header with inputs for world position, camera position, time, and world matrix. The ouputs on the block are world position, and world normal.
A 3D model of a sphere morphed with a cube with a texture projected on the surface that has rootlike patterns and an iridescent sheen.

New Tri-Planar and Bi-Planar Nodes

GUI Editor v1

Figma logo on the left of an arrow pointing to the Babylon.js logo on the right.

Figma to Babylon.js Community Extension

Accessibility Screen Reader Support

An icon of a monitor with a speaker projecting sound waves in the center of the screen.
Babylon.js logo with documentation graphic.

Reorganized Documentation

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

We don't take it lightly when we say that Babylon.js is fully-featured. Dive in to see how far this rabbit hole goes!