Welcome to Babylon.js 5.0

Our mission is to create one of the most powerful, beautiful, and simple Web rendering engines in the world. Our passion is to make it completely open and free for everyone. We are artists, developers, creators, and dreamers and we want to make it as simple as possible to enable everyone to bring their ideas to life. This is an important milestone for the Babylon.js platform. Babylon.js was named with a deep love and admiration of one of the greatest sci-fi shows of all time, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of the next version of the Babylon.js platform. Babylon.js 5.0 is quite simply the biggest, boldest, and most ambitious update to the platform to date. From full support of WebGPU, to the ability to deploy experiences across platforms with Native Capabilities, to more tools, features, and improvements than you can count - Babylon.js 5.0 ushers in the next generation of web rendering technology for everyone.


WebGPU represents the next evolution in browser to GPU communication. The W3C's GPU for the Web Community Group built it from the ground up with performance in mind. WebGPU offers web developers access to some of the most advanced modern graphics capabilities such as compute shaders and lightning-fast texture loading. We have been actively participating in the WebGPU Workgroup from its earliest days and are proud to announce that Babylon.js 5.0 offers FULL support for WebGPU.

New PBR nodes added to node material editor.
Illustration of laptop, desktop computer, tablet, and phone.

Cross-Platform Native Development

We know developers want to reach as many people as possible with as little effort as possible. We are proud to announce that Babylon.js 5.0 unlocks the ability to use the Babylon.js API to develop web AND native applications. Whether you're targeting Web, Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android Phone, Babylon.js 5.0 allows you to write your rendering code once and deploy it across the platforms of your choice, using the browser OR as native applications!

Space Pirates Demo

What would the Babylon.js 5.0 release be without an appropriately themed demo to go with it? The Babylon Space Pirates Demo is designed to give game developers a tiny glimpse at the amazing possibilities of the Babylon.js Platform.

3D render of starfighters in a space battle near asteroids
A curve graph window showing animation curves from an animated 3D object and tools to edit or play the curves

Animation Curve Editor

Up until now, creating and modifying animation data in a rendering engine can be complicated and verbose. Not anymore! Babylon.js 5.0 adds a built-in Animation Curve Editor (ACE), making it incredibly easy to create and modify animation data directly in your Babylon scene. Also, as with all Babylon.js Platform tools, you can save your animation data to the Babylon.js Snippet Server and load it back into your Babylon.js scene with one single line of code!

Performance Profiler

Performance is one of the most important things to keep on the front of your mind as you create advanced interactive 3D experiences. Babylon.js 5.0 makes performance debugging and management a breeze with the introduction of the new Performance Profiler. This handy tool allows you to see a real time graph of key performance indicators of your scene, all hooked up live! Make a change, see the impact on perf. It's really that simple!

A line graph showing various data points about a 3D scene like frames per second and draw calls
Tall blocks with brightly-colored edges in blues and greens.

Unlimited Morph Targets

No matter what you call them, Blend Shapes, Shape Keys, or Morph Targets, Babylon.js 5.0 adds rocket fuel to your ability to use influenced vertex positions. This new feature now gives you literally unlimited amounts of Morph Targets. Want to have a complex animated face with thousands of Morph Targets to get that perfect expression? Now you can, all in the web, all for free!

GUI Editor Beta

Babylon.js has a powerful GUI system that offers countless widgets, controls, and properties to help you create rich GUIs. With Babylon.js 5.0 that powerful system becomes far simpler to use with the introduction of the GUI Editor Beta. While still in active development, the GUI Editor Beta is a rich and modern tool, allowing you to create the perfect GUI with a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Say goodbye to thousands of lines of GUI code and hello to a world of design with the GUI Editor Beta and loading your creations with a single line of code!

An editor window showing creation of a graphical user interface
Render of a transparent pink dragon statue in front of transparent red and green spheres

Order Independent Transparency

Rendering transparent objects is complicated! The Babylon.js Platform has always strived to make it as easy as possible to help you inform the system of rendering order, alpha index, run depth-prepasses, and much more, so your scene can look correct. With Babylon.js 5.0 we've wrapped a bow on it all. All of the complexity of rendering transparent objects can now disappear with one single, simple line of code: scene.useOrderIndependentTransparency = true

WebXR Advancements

WebXR is an incredible web standard allowing web developers to create amazing cross-browser XR experiences or add a mobile AR components to your web site. While the technology to render world-locked 3D objects has existed in Babylon.js for some time, Babylon.js 5.0 steps the beauty-factor up with the introduction of Light Estimation. This powerful yet easy-to-use new feature allows you to estimate the light in your real-world location and automatically match the lighting and shadows of your virtual, world-locked object. Babylon.js 5.0 also adds support for WebXR image tracking and WebXR Layers!

Phantom hands display for hand tracking in VR.
A Lego pirate ship circling a swirling whirlpool of stylized water

New Node Material Nodes

The Node Material Editor is one of the most advanced tools available in the Babylon Platform. One simple UI that helps you generate stunning GLSL shaders with ease. With Babylon.js 5.0 the Node Material gets even better with the introduction of several powerful new logical and procedural noise nodes!

glTF Updates

The Babylon.js Platform prioritizes support for the absolute latest and greatest advancements to the glTF file format. This means every new version of Babylon.js unlocks new beautiful advancements in rendering capabilities, and Babylon.js 5.0 turns up the heat! With full support for KHR_materials_volume, KHR_materials_transmission, and KHR_materials_ior, you can now render some absolutely STUNNING visuals!

A 3D button menu with a clicked button to change a sphere color to teal
A 3D button menu with a clicked button to change a sphere color to teal

Mixed Reality Toolkit for Babylon.js

Babylon.js 5.0 also adds updated support for the world's most advanced 3D interface component library, Mixed Reality Toolkit. This advanced library makes it incredibly easy to add advanced XR UX elements into your Babylon.js scenes such as: holographic slates, 3D Sliders, Touch Holographic Buttons, Touch Mesh Buttons, and much much more!

Asset Librarian

The Babylon.js Platform offers a large library of free Creative Commons 0 assets available for you to use in your Babylon.js scenes, completely for free. With Babylon.js 5.0, accessing these assets is easier and faster than ever! The new Asset Librarian brings a new Assets namespace that you can use in your projects to easily access the 200+ free assets to make your Babylon.js scenes soar.

A stylized yeti character as a 3D model
A 3D model of a boom box colored red through a shader

Material Plugin Manager

When it comes to creating real-time shaders power, performance, and flexibility are critical! Babylon.js 5.0 brings introduces a brand new feature that doubles down on all of three. The Material Plugin Manager gives you the ability to add custom code to any Babylon.js shader. This means that you can fully customize any advanced shader, such as PBR, to go even further. The Material Plugin Manager provides developers with the flexibility to fully customize the power, performance, and look of any shader!

Dev Stories Documentation

Babylon.js 5.0 adds a whole new category of documentation called Dev Stories. These new tutorials are designed to walk you, step-by-step, through some common scenarios that many Babylon.js developers ask about. From setting up a Babylon.js project quickly, adding interactive 3D elements to your e-commerce site, to deploying your Babylon.js project to a Native Application, Dev Stories are rich, deep, detailed tutorials aimed at helping you take your project from idea to reality!

Babylon.js logo with documentation graphic.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

We don't take it lightly when we say that Babylon.js is fully-featured. Dive in to see how far this rabbit hole goes!